Home Interior Design: A Lesson on Window Treatment Design

window treatment design

When it comes to home interior design, few things add as much to a room as the window treatment design. Interior design for windows does wonders for the look of a room and the home overall. There can certainly be some uniformity to help create a connected look for the home, but usually letting each room have its own look is the most popular choice.

Some of the decision making also should be based on the windows in the room. For example, the window treatment design you use for a child’s room will vary from a room with a bay window. Yet a room with a simple bay window will have different interior design for windows than a bay window with an actual seat.

All of it, however, should come together to compliment the home interior design as a whole and complete concept. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to create whatever look it is you want for your home.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your interior include:

  • Think about lighting. Some homes get plenty of natural lighting while other home interior design situations rely heavily on the lighting choices installed. The curtains or treatments you choose should take this into consideration.
  • Think about practicality. Your window treatment design should also include thoughts of details such as how often you open and close your windows, whether you want shelves nearby you window seat for books and other considerations like that.
  • Plan around your decorating. Interior design for windows should also take other elements of your decorating into account. For instance, if you plan to display ornate objects on a window sill, it doesn’t make much sense to use elaborate curtains in these windows that you intend to be the focal point. More than likely you will leave the curtains open so the decorative objects steal the show. In that case you would want to work with treatments that complimented the objects without competing for attention.
  • Remember the importance of quality. Many homeowners make the mistake of picking a nice color curtain and that’s about the extent of their window treatment design concept. Higher quality treatments can also help with things such as protecting your furniture and flooring from direct sunlight. It also means keeping your costs down on heating and cooling bills.
  • Try not to go too trendy in every room. If you choose interior design for windows that is the latest trend, it could mean replacing your choices sooner than you may like. If the trend is ivy prints, for example, then you could be replacing them all next year when the new trend is solid peach colors or when you get tired of looking at ivy on all your curtains. Try instead to keep the curtains classic and use decorative items such as throw pillows that are easy to replace for incorporating trends into your home interior design.

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