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Preview Night – April 23rd

Preview night on April 23rd 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Some of the things that we are going to cover will be

  • Finding your color courage– “color is such an affordable pleasure, yet many people get stuck living in bland spaces because they’re afraid of making a mistake,” noted Barbara Schirmeister, color consultant.
  • Create visual flow by pairing down accessories so your eyes have moments to rest
  • Furniture & artwork placement-place to create movement
  • Focal point– hanging artwork at the right height
  • Edit collectibles– pitting your accessories on a diet
  • Lighting matters– diffusion creates low level light which is calming and comfortable making you and your rooms feel good
  • Personality – make your own statement and have fun by injecting your personality into your rooms

If you have a window that you want to talk about on this night please take a picture of it and take some demotions, and email it back to us and we will be able to dress that window and show you what it will look like.

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Using Sheer Curtains for Elegance and Privacy


Have you been looking to update a room or two in your home? Remodeling or buying new furniture can be costly and time consuming. Have you considered changing your window treatments? Stock’s Draperies has a large selection of sheer curtains that will add elegance and privacy to any room.

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Custom Drapes Ideas

custom drapes ideas

Treat your windows to a custom look with draperies, curtains, shades and blinds from Stocks Draperies, conveniently located in the Canton, Ohio area. Whether you are looking to redecorate your house or change the look of a room, consider how custom drape ideas can change your surroundings. Stocks Draperies can help you with all your window treatment needs.

Selecting Window Treatments

You should consider the whole window before choosing the draperies. There are a number of things to consider when selecting window treatments. How do you want your window treatments to function?

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Home Interior Design: A Lesson on Window Treatment Design

window treatment design

When it comes to home interior design, few things add as much to a room as the window treatment design. Interior design for windows does wonders for the look of a room and the home overall. There can certainly be some uniformity to help create a connected look for the home, but usually letting each room have its own look is the most popular choice.

Some of the decision making also should be based on the windows in the room. For example, the window treatment design you use for a child’s room will vary from a room with a bay window. Yet a room with a simple bay window will have different interior design for windows than a bay window with an actual seat.

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Custom Window Treatments Add The Perfect Flare To Your Home

When it comes to getting the look you want for the interior of your home, nothing does the trick quite like custom window treatments. Whether you already know what you want or need an expert to help give you advice, Stocks Draperies has got you covered. We’ve been offering value, style and quality in window treatments since 1971.

We realize not everyone realizes why they should choose to get custom window treatments. Until you have them in your home, it may be hard to imagine all the reasons why they will be the perfect addition to your home.

So if you are still unsure of why window treatments would be perfect for your home, here are just a few good reasons:

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Custom Window Drapery

Shopping for window draperies is not the most fun thing in the world to do, especially when you are shopping at department stores that don’t offer a whole lot in the way of selection. This is a great reason to step away from those big stores and head straight to Stocks Draperies in Canton, Ohio. Here you will find a huge selection of everything you need to complete your home decorating.

Drapes or Blinds?

One of the first things you need to decide is whether you want to use draperies or blinds. Depending on the room you are decorating, you may find that all you need is a nice, decorative set of blinds. Stocks carries Hunter Douglas Blinds, made from a variety of products including aluminum, polymers and hardwoods. You can choose from horizontal or vertical blinds, and there are also Skyline® Gliding Window Panels, which offer a contemporary look without the need for curtains or drapes.

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Window Curtains To Improve The Look Of Your Home


When it comes to finding the best in custom window curtains, the Stocks Draperies name says it all. That’s because Stocks Draperies has it all. So what makes this the premier place to get all of your custom window treatments including window curtains?

It’s about having the best quality to choose from. If you are going to take the time to choose the window treatments to improve the look of your home, you should know you are getting the best quality available. Here you will find exactly that.

You should also have the best in selection. Decorating your home should mean never having to settle for less than exactly what you want. When you shop at Stock Draperies, you will always have plenty in the current trends or timeless classics.

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Custom Window Blinds: Adding Elegance To Your Home

window-blindsYou may not realize how much custom window blinds can do for your home, until you take a look around. In fact, the right window blinds can completely transform the look of your home, inside and out, as well as make it feel as though you have remodeled your home, without the mess and expense of remodeling or even repainting. You should consider new blinds for your home today.

The look and style options of window blinds available these days has come a long way. In just the past few years the patterns, textures and vibrant color choices that have been added have revolutionized the industry. Even if you considered custom window blinds before, it is time to take a new look.

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What Custom Window Shades Can Add To Your Room

Not everyone realizes it but window shades can do much for a room. In fact, the entire look of a home can be changed completely with window blinds and shades. Include the look of custom window shades in the interior of your home, and it can be the next best thing to a complete makeover.

Even if you already have shades for your windows, there are new looks and styles available all of the time. The tired and dreary look that came with the house you bought could be easily replaced with a brand new look. Even changing the paint color of a room may not make as big a difference as new shades. Even the exterior of your home can gain some serious curb appeal with the look that comes from custom window shades.

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Making the Most of Your Window Coverings

window coverings
Even if you had custom window coverings done, you may have begun to notice they are looking tired, drab, outdated or even worse all of the above. The good news is that you can simply revamp your window coverings or get new custom ones made up to change the look of your home completely. Before making your decision, keep some of these window treatment trends in mind.

The first thing to realize is that window coverings or treatments usually include curtains, valances and cornices. Here are some things to keep in mind about making your choices or helping improve the look of the treatments you already have.

  • Don’t be afraid to use color – Too often home owners get it stuck in their head that what covers the windows should be background noise. With all of the stunning options available these days, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little color or making a big splash with your treatments.

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