Custom Drapes Ideas

custom drapes ideas

Treat your windows to a custom look with draperies, curtains, shades and blinds from Stocks Draperies, conveniently located in the Canton, Ohio area. Whether you are looking to redecorate your house or change the look of a room, consider how custom drape ideas can change your surroundings. Stocks Draperies can help you with all your window treatment needs.

Selecting Window Treatments

You should consider the whole window before choosing the draperies. There are a number of things to consider when selecting window treatments. How do you want your window treatments to function?

  • Are you looking to insulate your home from weather elements such as heat, sun, cold and save energy? Heat can damage your furniture and carpets over time by fading. Extreme temperatures in summer and winter cause higher energy bills from heating and cooling your home. Consider insulated drapes and shades.
  • Consider the amount of sunlight you have in the room. Whether you have plenty of natural light or desire to allow more enter your room, the type of curtains you chose effect this. Sunlight from morning and evening sun causes glare. If you looking for additional light in a darker area, curtains or valances are a good choice.
  • Are you looking for privacy? Blinds and shades are an excellent solution for extra privacy.
  • Color and style of your room décor is another thing to consider. Whether formal to informal, tailored to decorative, exquisite to simple, blending window treatments into your furnishings adds elegance to any room.

What Types of Window Treatments are Available?

– Draperies and Curtains

There is a wide variety of draperies and curtains available in the market. Choices range from silk, faux silk, sheer, cotton, and linen, to velvet.

  • Silk draperies provide a timeless elegance that includes styles with world influence like Thai solid, embroidered, and patterned, Textured Dupioni, Italian embellished cotton, taffeta plaids and stripes. There are styles of faux silk from Faux striped or solid taffeta embroidered and patterned Faux taffeta. These are available in a large choice of colors and are backed with top quality cotton lining.
  • Sheer drapes are delicate in appearance and are an excellent choice for formal living rooms. Rooms with huge exposure to sunlight should avoid this choice.
  • Cotton and linen draperies include cotton jacquard, printed cotton, crewel cotton, as well as Belgium and signature linen. Their graceful look and variety of colors make an excellent choice for any room.
  • Velvet draperies, which are elegant, plush, and sophisticated-looking, are available in colors like browns, blues, maroons, pinks and ash greens.

– Valances

Window valances are ornamental toppers for windows and doors. Adding a special flair to any window, they can stand alone, be mounted over shades or blinds, or layered over coordinating rod pocket curtains. Valances come in a variety of styles and fabrics.

  • Pleated valances are usually made of heavier materials to make pleats.
  • Swags are an accordion variety where material is pleated to swag through the windows top. These can either hang down to the floor or be short in length.
  • Balloon valances provide a balloon-like or puffed effect. A ruffle is gathered on a curtain rod which causes it to balloon out. They come in many fabric weights. Hems can be plain, decorated with tassels or fringe, or finished with a pretty binding edge.

Ideas to accent your custom draperies

You can accent your new custom draperies with shades and blinds.


Window shades offer a distinctive textured look which can completely alter a room’s appearance. There are many new colors and styles from roller to cellular to Roman shades available. Today’s shades are cord-free, retracting, and made of wood or fabric. As a durable alternative to other window coverings, shades softly filter light, provide additional privacy, and come in thermal energy efficient styles.


Stocks Draperies carries Hunter Douglas Blinds, the industry’s largest selection of blinds. Blinds are made of genuine hardwood, aluminum, vinyl and fabrics. In recent years, many colors, patterns and textures have been added to create a designer look.

Drapery Designers are Available for Advice.

Where do you begin? Purchasing new window treatments is a big investment, no matter what your budget allows. Does the thought of making a decision about what type to select and affordability, leave you overwhelmed? Stocks Draperies offers expert advice for everything you need. We have designers on staff to show you all the styles of drapes, curtains, shades, and blinds available, colors and styles to fit into your home décor, measure your windows to get an exact fit, and install your custom treatments when they are ready.  Contact us to speak with one of our experienced designers or stop in today for more custom drape ideas.

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