What Custom Window Shades Can Add To Your Room

Not everyone realizes it but window shades can do much for a room. In fact, the entire look of a home can be changed completely with window blinds and shades. Include the look of custom window shades in the interior of your home, and it can be the next best thing to a complete makeover.

Even if you already have shades for your windows, there are new looks and styles available all of the time. The tired and dreary look that came with the house you bought could be easily replaced with a brand new look. Even changing the paint color of a room may not make as big a difference as new shades. Even the exterior of your home can gain some serious curb appeal with the look that comes from custom window shades.

What This Means for You

Whether you are in the process of designing your ultimate dream home or sprucing up the look of the one you’ve loved and lived in for years, window treatments can add so much. What exactly you want your window treatments to look like also depends on what type you want for your home.

Generally the style of window shades you would be choosing from includes:

  • Genuine Quality Hardwoods
  • Durable Aluminum
  • Stylish Vinyl
  • An Array of Fabrics

The two main styles include:

  1. Horizontal Blinds are for tall dramatic windows as these shades are usually taller in size than they come width wise.
  2. Vertical blinds are obviously the opposite and fit windows that are wider than tall and are often ideal for larger windows such as sliding glass doors.

Making Choices

Each home is different as is each room in a home. For that reason there are some things that can help you make choices when it comes to your blinds.

  • Lighting – Would you like to retain a fair amount of natural afternoon sunlight coming through or would you prefer black out shades that keep it darker inside no matter what time of day?
  • Ultraviolet Rays – Even if you love natural lighting it is important to help prevent the damage UV rays can do to furniture and carpeting, especially over time.
  • Privacy – Depending on the location of your home and even each room, you will have to think about how much privacy you need your blinds to offer you and your family.
  • Efficiency – Although all shades can help lower utility costs; some provide even more savings than others.
  • Maintenance – It is a good idea to be realistic about how much cleaning and care you can put into certain types of window treatments that may be higher maintenance than others.

The rest is the fun stuff. Looking at pictures, browsing fabric swatches, choosing colors and envisioning them inside your own home are all the exciting parts of the decision making process. Think about these factors, and this will help you as you move forward to order your custom window shades.

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