Why Should You Choose a Drapery Designer?

If you are in need of new window treatments of any kind, you have a few options. You can make do with the limited selections at the local big box stores. Sure, there are one or two designs that are tolerable, maybe even borderline attractive, but are they really what you want? Are you willing to settle for nondescript drapes that may or may not come in your size? And what do you do if your windows are uniquely shaped or of an unusual size?

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Choosing custom drapery design allows you to get the best window coverings that not only look attractive but fit correctly as well.

Discussing Your Needs with a Drapery Designer

The benefit of using a drapery designer is the designer’s knowledge. After going to the local store and finding nothing that will suit your needs, you look at a few sites online. Right away, you know that you are in over your head. There are dimensions and sizes that you are not really confident about. Do you measure inside the window frame or outside? What if you want the drapes to pool at the ground in dramatic folds? How do you measure that? In addition to the measurements, there are other confusing terms. How do you know the right kind of material if you are not sure what any of the terms mean?

You might be set on a certain type of drapery design simply because it is the commonly agreed upon style for that room or that type of window. But, a drapery designer cannot only help you see beyond the usual but also knows what is on the cutting edge of the upcoming trends. What if you were the first person in the neighborhood to have the best in custom drapery design?

Benefits of Having Great Drapery Design

When choosing a drapery designer there are some additional benefits that you should discuss. For instance, did you know that if you choose your products from the Hunter-Douglas line, you can possibly qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $500? The reason for that is simple: the right kind of draperies, shades, blinds or other window coverings can provide extra insulation for your home, which translates into energy savings. In addition to getting that federal tax credit, the right custom drapery design can actually save you money in the long run.

A drapery designer will also show you the points that you might have missed. Sure, you are dreaming about that dramatic window treatment that you see on your favorite show, but with the size of your windows, the design of your room and the fact that you have active children and a dog may make it less than ideal. The designer will not tell you that you are wrong, but will gently guide you to a design that is more right for your room, your budget and your household. A custom drapery design is meant to take all of those factors into account.

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