Making the Most of Your Window Coverings

window coverings
Even if you had custom window coverings done, you may have begun to notice they are looking tired, drab, outdated or even worse all of the above. The good news is that you can simply revamp your window coverings or get new custom ones made up to change the look of your home completely. Before making your decision, keep some of these window treatment trends in mind.

The first thing to realize is that window coverings or treatments usually include curtains, valances and cornices. Here are some things to keep in mind about making your choices or helping improve the look of the treatments you already have.

  • Don’t be afraid to use color – Too often home owners get it stuck in their head that what covers the windows should be background noise. With all of the stunning options available these days, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little color or making a big splash with your treatments.
  • Textures and fabrics help a lot – Luxe fabrics can add a great deal to the custom window coverings you get for your home’s interior. The right choice can make these treatments look as though they should be touched as well as seen. This creates an even more inviting look.
  • Find something to add drama – If you are not one who likes a lot of color or doesn’t want to have draperies that may invite people to touch them, you can still make a bold statement. Use a simple style of window coverings but with a bold trim that is a stark contrast. Some people are even using grosgrain, luxe, velvet or other luxurious pieces for trim on more subtle, chic and refined fabric choices.
  • Make it about prints – When you choose your custom window coverings you may want to focus on a print that does all of the work for your room. You can still use a subtle background color for the fabric but have a bold or colorful and oversized print to add excitement and whimsy to a room. This look works well with a room that is a unified color, especially in white or a pale earth tone.
  • Go with silk and sheer – Another current trend for window treatments is using strong colors but in a delicate fabric choice such as silk. By using a sheer fabric, even a stark color when closed will make the draperies appear lighter and even somewhat translucent in daylight.
  • Green is another factor – More homeowners are thinking green when it comes to custom window treatments and prefer organic fabrics. Not only that, but organics often look good in earth tones as well, including pale greens. Show the world you care about the environment by starting inside your own home and using kinder fabric options.

The bottom line is that window treatments no longer need to be background filler when they can still say so much about you and your style. Instead of a wallflower, make your window coverings pop with color and prints like real flowers.

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