Year-End Interior Trends: Navigating the Shifting Tides of Design in 2024

It’s that time of year again when we eagerly anticipate the upcoming trends in interior design for the year ahead. 

1stDibs, the renowned online marketplace cherished by design enthusiasts worldwide, has just released the results of its seventh annual survey, featuring insights from over 600 designers and industry professionals. 

Here is a recap of what’s set to define the interior landscape in 2024

1. Embracing Earth Tones

In: Chocolate brown emerges as a rising star in the color palette, making a significant leap from sixth to third place in popularity compared to the previous year. With 21% of designers foreseeing its dominance, this sultry hue is poised to set the tone for 2024. Burnt orange and mustard also make waves as favored earthy tones.

2. Blue Elegance

In: The blues are taking center stage, with robin’s egg blue soaring to almost the same heights as cobalt. At the same time, 24% of designers favor the former, and just under 25% lean towards the latter. Navy, a perennial favorite, follows closely behind.

3. Evergreen Appeal

In: Green maintains its stronghold in 2024 interiors, a trend that gained momentum during the pandemic. Beyond color, floral and plant motifs emerge as the preferred patterns for the year. Green living transcends trendiness and becomes a lifestyle, with biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and living walls bringing the outdoors in.

4. The Touch of Texture

In: Limewash takes the lead among materials and finishes, offering a soft and enveloping feel that captivates designers. Ceramic/terra-cotta (21%) and blond wood (19%) continue the warm, textured theme, adding depth and character to interior spaces.

5. Curtain Call

In: Curtains are returning, finding versatile applications in doorways, as room dividers, and even replacing kitchen cabinets. Prints like gingham or stripes add a touch of quaint retro charm. Beyond aesthetics, curtains prove to be an alternative to cabinet replacements.

What’s Out:

  • Vibrant Hues: Eye-popping shades like bright red, neon yellow, and bright orange fall out of favor, capturing the preference of only 5% of designers. Lavender also sees a 50% drop in popularity year over year.
  • Dated Accessories: Checkpoint rugs lose over half their popularity, while disco balls and neon signs, once associated with the “dormcore” look, are now among the least likely to be featured.
  • Geometric Edginess: Geometric shapes experienced an 18% decline in popularity compared to the previous year.
  • Gingham Fade: Gingham, once a favorite, is expected to be popular among only 1% of designers in 2024.
  • Insect Styles: Butterfly and insect styles, which thrived in 2022 and 2023, are predicted to see a significant decline, capturing the attention of only 4% of designers in the new year.
  • Rustic and Retro Decline: Rustic themes like cottage-core and retrograde styles like Neoclassic are falling out of favor, with less than 20% of designers considering them as enduring trends in 2024.

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